Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cause-related marketing - future of marketing

I talk more and more these days to audiences of all kinds about cause-related marketing, which is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing today. Cause-related marketing links products to something people believe in – and when products look increasingly the same on price and quality, values are what makes all the difference.


£50.4 million was raised in 2002 by 66 businesses benefiting 50 charities and good causes through 81 Cause Related Marketing programmes.  Over £17 million worth of gifts in kind were given as part of 23 of CRM programmes

Over £13 million worth and 65,000 hours of staff time was devoted by 27 CRM programmes

90% of US workers feel proud of their companies' values when they support a good cause

87% of workers feel a strong sense of loyalty

48% of consumers change behaviour - switch brands, increase usage or try or enquire about new products

46% of consumers feel better about using company

86% have better opinion of  companies trying to make the world a better place


See for presentation I gave today which covers these issues in the context of creating sustainable enterprises (Impact conference in UK).




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