Friday, May 07, 2010

The Future of Marketing

Google Zeitgeist CEO Summit - Dr Patrick Dixon introduces future of marketing and why traditional advertising is dead in an online world ruled by virtual communities.

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Patrick Dixon has spoken at a number of Google client events on social networks, online marketing and a range of other futurist topics.  Many marketing teams are being left behind - there is more to online marketing than a website redesign, Twitter and Facebook or bulletin boards.  Consumers are thinking and behaving in new ways, expect new things, interact differently - and are increasingly intolerant and impatient with any company that seems to be stuck in a slight time-warp.  Marketing means a different mindset altogether:  a big jump for corporations who have relied on large, successful websites backed by direct mail, print, TV, radio, e-mail and online advertising and maybe a few iPhone apps.  Those things are no longer enough.  Marketing often means rethinking the entire sales package, how we sell, what we sell, when we sell.  Marketing can mean having to go back to product design teams, and engaging with communities online.

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